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I have graduated with a Master’s degree and studied under the American Council on Exercise (ACE) certification program in health and nutrition. Captivated by the composition of food,  I believe that wellness is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and having energy throughout the day. Wellness should not be so difficult to achieve and maintain, but with so many options presented to us on a daily basis, it becomes hard to decipher what foods are actually beneficial. With a few simple adjustments, I can show you how to be healthier and feeling your beest. I will help you achieve your goals by tailoring a plan that will work for you. This will mean something different for everyone, so we will work together to learn more about you: your food habits, lifestyle and your specific needs. We will establish goals and plan to make these adjustments work for your unique situation. Though I am from the west, I have traveled extensively over the past five years and have discovered that healthy means something different to each culture. I look forward to learning more about your objectives and coaching you to reach your goals!

24 Hour Availability

My schedule is flexible, and I am willing to work with your busy work and family commitments. Let’s work together on investing in a better you: I am willing to help whenever it is needed.

Innovative Ideas

I will provide an updated assessment to gauge where you are. Topics will include energy levels, progress, successes and failures.

Tracking Technology

Using personal fitness trackers, we will both be able to monitor your level of activity throughout the day. Like an omnipresent coach, I’ll know when you are working out and when you can be doing better.

Clear Communication

Personalized training means one on one support. I am not selling you a book or a diet: I am selling my knowledge, my experience and my time to work with you as an individual.

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The Apartment Workout- Part 2: The simple, old school filler workout for days when leaving the house isn’t an option: Modifications for the intermediate level:

If you have been a long time gym- goer or simply feel that you need more of a challenge, here are some modifications to suit your level.  I recommend repeating this plan 3-5 times. Chair Step-Ups – Using the same description as in part one, step up on the stable chair, but this time quicken […]

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