FITANDWELLDAILY September Newsletter:

Rome IMG_2661

This month FITANDWELLDAILY is exploring Europe. Traveling through Croatia, Italy and France has been eye opening. In this edition, I will discuss the highlights of healthy discoveries in each country and as always more health and wellness tips to implement into your daily routine.

An Eye On Healthy Croatia: Croatia is not only a place of stunning beauty but also fosters fresh foods that kept traveling through this country quite easy in terms of eating healthy whole foods. With flavorful fruit and the freshest fish, a balanced, healthy diet was a breeze:

IMG_1384 IMG_1481

 Fresh fig was a first for  me. Slightly less sweet,  yet just as delicious and  interesting to see them  growing in trees all over  Croatia:

 Fish caught that day  and served. They  looked too animated to  eat but later proved to  be the most delicious  meal:

fish croatiaIMG_2262          shrimpIMG_2155

Farmers markets and protein hearty lentil side dishes kept meals very balanced and interesting:

fruit croatia IMG_1523 IMG_1820

The islands of Croatia did not disappoint either. Stunning hiking trails and steps throughout every city kept us active and moving; the view from the top was pretty great as well:

Hike croatiaIMG_2316

                trails IMG_2330            view IMG_2289

Next up: Nutritious Food and Sights of Italy: 

Not only is Rome a mecca for healthy eating but it is also a cultural hotspot. The history and warm culture really allows you to get to know this city quickly. I also now know why the expression “Mangia,  Mangia” exists. ‘On mange bien’ literally means One eats well.  Fear pasta dishes no more: the sauces here are pure and without added sugars. I discovered that vegetables were all marinated, tossed or generally always prepared in olive oil. The mozzarella cheese was the freshest I have ever tasted and the portions were fair but not huge. The population reflects their eating habits as this is quite possibly the most stunning group of individuals I have ever seen:

            italian nutsIMG_2665                    saladIMG_2664

            pastaIMG_2614                    eggplant IMG_2260

Paris: The artistic city where people enjoy life and eat whole foods without remorse.

While, the stereotype of the typical parisienne running around with a baguette in hand is in fact quite true, this fantastic city offers some of the best produce available hands-down. Also, with places like the stairs of the Sacre Coeur and the story book like feel of the jardin des tuileries, there is never an excuse not to move around outdoors. Even simply walking the streets here goes quickly as it is one aesthetically pleasing thing after another:

                             Sacre Couer                   photo (6)                                    Strawberry Salad france         IMG_2882                                    photo (4)         photo (6)

Tip: While traveling, embrace the culture, foods and enjoy the natural surroundings. It is easy to keep moving whether it be at the hotel gym, the steps of an iconic monument. And there is always a healthy way to enjoy  a dish unique to that place. I even found myself Oyster shucking in Croatia. Fresh oysters and muscles were served on the spot as I was shown how they are gathered:

               muscles 6 10708219_714428628612822_614722535_n            muscles 4 10705003_714428681946150_1726988520_n                                                        muscles 5 10699201_714428728612812_1796193758_n             muscles 7 10638035_714428641946154_485884521_n                                                        muscles 110699242_714428735279478_1994011401_n

The month of September is quickly coming to an end.  I can’t wait to talk more about the progress you have made this month. I am pleased to report that I am receiving good news from clients about goals being met and look forward to even more success stories next month!